Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 9, 2009 (9/9/09)

9-9-9. Is today supposed to be a special day? It is just a typical Wednesday to me and that means work. I get up early and start getting ready for work. Eat a simpleton Raisin Bran breakfast. Krista gets up, but then promptly goes right back to bed. She looks so peaceful sleeping in the morning, and it makes me quite jealous that I have to go work so much earlier than her.

I am the first one at the school again. I unlock, turn on the AC, put my hot pockets in the fridge and sit at the computer. Students trickle in, though not as many as in year's past as attendance is lower at West this year. Once Gayle and Sylvia get there we head to classes. I have my only break of the morning since I don't teach literature. Then we have math followed by Chemistry and grammar. Finally the morning closes off with an hour of World History. Finally it's lunch as my raisin bran has worn off. I heat up my hot pockets and get a Diet Coke with Lime and head to the conference room to eat lunch. I eat with Gayle and Sylvia and we talk about class, dogs, students and my apartment.

The afternoon is slow and I am glad when 3:00 rolls around. I head home and am quite tired. Krista is not home yet and I immediately crash on the couch. She wakes me up when she gets home and I head to go workout as she is leaving for a meeting at church. I do some bench press in the gym and talk with Ryan Kerr. I run home, shower and eat a not so exciting dinner composed of bratwurst, broccoli, soup and Iced Tea. I watch some tennis, the US Open and am upset when Melanie Oudin loses. I see a few advertisements for The Beatles Rock Band and am inspired. Not to buy the game but to listen to some Beatles which I do for about 30 minutes. Krista gets home and we watch the first episode of So you Think You can Dance (yes I am even watching it). We debate watching Top Chef but will wait until tomorrow since it's late. We are both quite tired and turn off the lights and head for bed about 11:00.

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  1. Some of that sounds very familiar - especially (1) first there in the AM (2) diet coke with lime (3) a break during literature (4) and a nap on the coach [especially my first year]