Tuesday, September 29, 2009

December 31, 1998

New Years Eve. What am I doing today, absolutely nothing. I sleep as late as I can, and then when I wake up I just lay in bed and listen to some music; Less than Jake, Blink 182, and Lit. I think Cory slept in too, we really don't have much to do today and I think mom and dad want us to stay at home tonight.

Finally my door creeps open and Misty runs into my room and jumps on the bed trying to wake me up, I finally concede and get out of bed. I still don't have a TV in my room so I need to go downstairs to see what football games are on and to get something to eat. I look over at Cory's room at see that he is still in bed, lazy kid. I got up at 11:30 and now its after 12 and he still isn't up. I get a Diet Coke and make a pastrami sandwich and see what football games are on. The Liberty Bowl is on, not much of a game, most of the good games are on tomorrow and then the championship game between Tennessee and Florida St is on the 2nd, so I'll have to watch that. I mull through the sports section of the paper and see what else is on TV. Cory finally comes downstairs near 1:00 and eats a meager lunch too. We get Misty riled up and chase her around a little and work on her jumping skills. She can now jump on the couch almost every time.

The afternoon is boring. I talk to Allen on the phone and discuss our lack of New Year's plans. Last week we were driving around in the Volvo and chillin. It was a great start to Christmas Break, but now the break is nearing an end and I still can't really drive the Volvo just anywhere yet, still need permission. Allen and I talk football and school and more sports. I see what Scott and Justin are up to tonight, and apparently they are doing the same thing as Cory and I, sitting at home while our parents are at the Padre Isles Club party.

Mom offers to make us dinner and we staunchly refuse. I think we just want to eat frozen pizzas and popcorn. Mom and Dad leave about 8:00 and our night begins. Well, we don't do much. We play some Super Nintendo, Mario Kart and Madden. We get bored with that and since nothing is really on TV, I listen to some more music. Right near midnight I have the MTV new year's show on with Carson Daly. It's kind of lame, but they have Green Day performing in a little so that is cool.........January 1, 1999......... At midnight, Cory and I decide to blast some music out on the patio. There is a party going on across the canal and we compete for who can have the loudest music. We turn up Metallica and then Smashing Pumpkins. This is literally the highlight of our night. It's pretty cool as all the 20 year olds across the canal cheer us on. We turn off the music and let Misty go to the bathroom and put her in her crate. Mom and Dad get home near 1:00am and go straight to bed. We wait until about 2:00 till turn in. It was fun but kind of uneventful. Maybe next year I will be able to go out and do something.


  1. I remember being upset at your lack of plans that day.

  2. I agree, it was a bummer we didn't hang that night.