Saturday, September 19, 2009

August 22, 2001

College is here. I've been up here at TCU for almost a week now with Frog Camp and moving in and Howdy Week and stuff, but today it really begins. I have three classes: Calculus, Freshman Comp, and Spanish 1. The first class is Calculus and it's at 9:00. I wake up about 8:00, very early considering the past three months I have probably only gotten up before 10:00 about five times. I let the music on my alarm keep playing since I still don't have a roommate. My roommate who was supposed to be from Columbia never showed up and I am supposed to get one soon, but still by myself which has been OK with me so far. So I am listening to music and checking email and hanging in my room for a while. At about 8:20 I walk down the hall to meet Jeff and his roommate Kyle to go to breakfast. We all have our first class at 9 and decide to eat breakfast together beforehand. We walk over to the main and I get eggs, bacon and hash browns, I wonder if I will eat like this everyday? We eat together, fairly quickly since we do not want to be late for our first class.

I head my own direction to Winton-Scott for Calculus. I sit towards the back of the room next to a girl who is fairly cute, and I think about striking up a conversation with her later. However, in the next two minutes some guy, who it turns out is her boyfriend walks in and sits in front of her, talks to her and holds her hand for a minute before class. So I decide this should not be my strategy for picking seats in class. Calc is boring for today, we go over the syllabus and he talks about the textbook and says to look over something because Friday we will work some problems. Towards the end of class my stomach starts hurting and I know I need to make it to the bathroom soon. Class gets out and I hurriedly start walking back towards Milton Daniel. I cannot make it so I get into the student center and head to the bathroom. Wow, first class, first day must have got my nerves upset.

I head back to the dorm and walk over to Jeff's room. He is watching The Price is Right so I sit in his much cleaner and organized dorm room and watch too. He says he and Kyle both had stomach problems and had to use the bathroom too. His next class is at 11 and mine is at 12. We almost finish Price is Right and he goes to class and I head to my room for a few minutes. Freshman comp is in the Bailey Building and class only lasts about 20 minutes as it seems the teacher wants to get out of class too. I ponder getting lunch but only have 25 or so minutes until I have to be in Reed for Spanish. Instead I get a Pepsi at Frog Bytes and walk around the student center for ten minutes. Spanish is interesting. The teacher is really funny and we start by going over the Spanish alphabet. Two other guys comment how "this is a college course" because it seems easier than my high school Spanish class. After Spanish I go over to the student center and walk over to the Baptist Student Ministries Office to visit with Tony. He is the BSM director and I met him at Frogpalooza and he told me to come by Wednesday to chat with him. We talk about church and BSM for a few minutes. He seems really cool and I look forward to going to there events and everything.

I head back to my room and take a much needed nap. After a couple of hours, Scott calls up and wants to play ping pong. We play in the Milton Daniel Lobby for about an hour. We then go to the Main for dinner. I never really had a lunch so I am kind of hungry, I don't want to use too much money on my card and not have any left over in December so I am cautious about what to eat. I get chicken, fries and a coke and it costs about $6.00, not too bad I guess. Scott goes back to Moncrief and I go to Milton. I watch TV in my room by myself and Jeff comes by for a few minutes and tells me all the people he keeps meeting and how he thinks he will join Pi Kapp fraternity. That's cool and I tell him a little about BSM. I debate doing some reading for English or looking over Spanish stuff but opt to get online and watch TV instead. About midnight I get to bed since tomorrow I have a class at 8:00am. First day was OK, it's not quite the same as high school but it's still fun. We will see how tomorrow goes.

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  1. Wow - good details - even down to the Price is Right!